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Line of business
Line of business
Panasonic Group   
Connected Solutions Company PC/peripheral equipment, PDP, LCD projectors, etc
Industrial Solutions Company System LSIs microcomputer ICs transistors, LEDs, others
Resistors capacitors  switches  inductors (coils)  telecommunication/network units filters other circuit parts optical parts/sensors/displays/I/Os power supplies others
Relays, switches, sequencers, and other control parts
Various sensors laser markers wiring saving systems (S-LINK) various safety apparatus Lithium ion batteries nickel hydrogen batteries memory cards PC card adapters UPS
Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd. Magnetic/IC card readers/writers network cameras cooling fans others
Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd. PlacementMachine InsertionMachine others
Overseas products, power devices, etc
Forte Co.,Ltd. Bone Conduction Headset Smart Microphone
KEMET Corporation Capacitors
NEL Frequency Control , Inc. Ultra Low Phase Noise OCXO, TCXO
Nichicon Corporation Capacitor and others
Orient Technology (S) Pte Ltd. Battery Backup Unit
Samsung Electro-Mechanics MLCC
Swissbit AG CF card for industry, SSD  and others
SanRex Corporation Thyristers, triacs, diodes, and others